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D&A Collection Corporation


  • guest

    these people keep caling looking for someone I have no Idea who it is. I told one guy that the person they are looking for has not lived at the address for time and not to call back again! NOT 2 hours later did the same company call but a lady was on the phone asking for the same person. I didn’t answer it this time but they left a message. I am getting tired of THIS and may have to call the OPP or a lawyer to see how to stop this as it’s been going on for a while. The company sais “well mam this is the phone number and address that we have for Mr……..” I am getting frustrated as they start at 7am and don’t stop until 7 at night….. WTF STOP CALLING D&A COLLECTIONS CORP. or I will have to take legal action

    • Credit Collections

      Collection agencies seem to think everyone is lying, but they do deal with it daily so its not hard to understand why they are the way they are, but it does not excuse the behaviour.

      You mentioned OPP so I assume you are in Canada. If DA cintinues to call, log the times and follow the instructions on the Ontario Consumer Affairs website. If DA continues with the calls and after writing a letter, a complaint will likely result in a hefty fine for them.


      Their address:
      D&A Collections Corporation
      75 Watline Avenue
      Suite 142
      Mississauga, ON
      L4Z 3E5

  • Helen Wait

    Ok maybe I owe some or little money to my phone company, but this collectors don’t give it a rest and keep calling me to collected and guess what, never going to give them money cause I bet you they have debts to and somebody outs is in their ass trying to collect from them, so my best way to deal with this suckers is BLOCK THEM FROM YOUR PHONE is easy like 1 2 3 or have fun with them, I know is annoying but at the end they will stop eventually, don’t need to cal OPP or get a lawyer… if they are rude to you send them to hell but don’t let them intimidated you, they not your parents, wife, husband, o soul-mate hahahahaha just a bunch of losers working for other losers…. Oh yeah my name is Helen Wait next time when they call tell them GO TO HELL AND WAIT….3:)

  • N C

    I’ve been getting calls from them for a little while now (in the province of quebec) they never notified me in writing, and they’ve been calling from a blocked number on Sundays as well, I’ve filed a complaint, but I’m wondering if there’s anything else I could do. Also was curious whether the SOL counts from the last payment made to a card, or from the last interest added? Thanks!

  • Marty Moreau

    i’ve just had Default Judgement filed against me what does that mean can they put a lien on my home ? Can they put a lien on my bank account i’m in New Brunswick Canada

  • H2o

    I am a Landscape Contractor who worked on the owners new home in Oakville Ontario from August 2016 through December 2016…..

    The homeowner client is a rather successful business owner named Manny Cabral… He is a part owner and acting Executive Vice President of D&A Collections Corporation in Mississauga Ontario, of whom now are calling themselves D&A Group Resources and at one time, were known to have operated used the name D&A Enterprises..

    As it stands now, Mr. Cabral is indebted to me personally, a total balance of somewhere in the area of $48,000.00.

    He has offered to settle out my account for $10,000.00. Due to minor very minor deficiencies. This was a $175,000.00 2 phase project that he was paying somewhere in the area of $130,000.00 (CASH) for, with the deficiencies valued at about $1500.00. At this time he has said if we return to the property he will have us arrested. Heck Ive even got tools still on the property.

    This project consumed 4 months of an 8 month construction season, however Mr. Cabral never seemed to have any issues or disputes until the last week of which was the point we were to start our touch up work and correct the minor deficiencies….. He has been at beast a very slow payer who we did all we could to service – satisfy and work patiently with.

    My most recent text message requests for payment in full have been met with accusations of harrassment and additional threats of calling the Police…..

    • Adrian

      Check with the Province for a contractors lien which I believe must be filed within 45 days after you invoiced him/demand for payment. He has to pay you even if there are deficiencies (10% holdback may be applied). Also a suggestion if you are outside the lien period is resumbit the invoice minus your own deficiency deduction to be fixed at a later date with the new date. If he still doesnt pay or threatens you then contact GoPublic with the CBC as I am quite sure as an owner of a collection agency that he wont want this public. He knows the laws and is trying to exploit them hoping you will just go away.

      As for the tools, call the police yourself and have then meet you there to collect your things, this alone should let the owner know that you are serious.

      One thing worth mentioning is that he may try to tarnish your reputation if you pursue him to get your pay. If he does, then its important to have legal documents such as a lien and evidence that the police had to come to his home to get your tools, such as a picture.

      • Phil H2o

        Thank you sir…. problem I have is a lien is easy to fight… its just time for a guy who employs paralegals….

        Im going about this by way of shaming him… Im going to let his clients employees neighbours and competition know what a dishonest guy he is…. when its done, Im going to cost Manny Cabral 400 thousand dollars

        Thank you Adrian for your input

  • H2o

    Im not sure why my FB profile isnt working

  • Ken

    These assholes called our non published home phone number. Said the wife owed the tune of $20000.00 on a T.D. credit card. I called the OPP fraud dept. and T.D. fraud dept. Got their address and gave it to the police to make an arrest! Bought a new Dodge truck in Perth Ontario. They were the only ones that got our home phone number! Several telemarketer’s had called here after we bought this truck! My first question was where did you get this number! The three telemarketer’s that confessed said this same dealership in Perth Ontario. I called the dealership and let them have it! The dealership denied giving it out but they were caught! Toronto Dominion has there own collection dept. They don’t send it out to a third party! These lowlifes are a scam! 100% scam! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0412b9a94a62676d9c63423118ce9c9495f4b65104e4b84707fb16791f8378de.jpg

    • Adrian

      When you apply or get new credit such as your truck, the finance company will update all the information you gave them to your credit file such as address, phone number and employer. Even your bank will update your credit file at least twice yearly. What I would suggest is ordering a copy of your credit file from Equifax and TransUnion and see what personal information is on there, AND also check the inquiries. If the collection agency is there as making an inquiry (either a hard of soft inquiry), then likely they got your number that way. As for the telemarketers, go over the actual contract/bill or sale for the truck and see if its in the small print that they can give or sell your information to a third party. If not, then its the Privacy Commissioner of Canada you need to make a complaint with.

  • meenu288 .

    I have been getting calls from D & A for some time now. I agreed to pay a fixed amount every month but D & A does not agree. The gentleman on the other end was really rude and didn’t want to discuss anything with me. But while I was away for a week, he started calling my home number and he also called my previous employer discussing my debt and my property which is totally illegal. Now D & A has emailed me the info together with my property papers which I am not sure what it is supposed to mean. Any suggestions or ideas or experience in similar situation will be appreciated.